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2005 Australian Young Engineer of the Year - Cheryl Paten  


PRESS RELEASE: 2005 Young Professional Engineer Award – Cheryl Paten


Cheryl Paten named Australia’s 2005 Young Professional Engineer of the Year by The Institution of Engineers Australia.

We are very pleased to announce that TNEP’s Education Coordinator, Mrs Cheryl Paten, was named Australia’s 2005 'Young Engineer of the Year’ by the Institution of Engineers Australia at the recent National Engineering Excellence Awards (30 November, Parliament House). This was a particular highlight for The Natural Edge Project as 2005 is Engineers Australia's "Year of the Young Engineer".

Terry Charlton, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Snowy Hydro Limited, presented Cheryl with the award and provided an overview of previous winners over the last four years. Cheryl accepted the award on behalf of the TNEP network, without whom many of the projects and experiences over the last three years would not have been possible.

Cheryl joined TNEP formally in 2003 after working in a volunteer capacity. She brought with her energy and wisdom that has strengthened the project over the last two years. We believe Cheryl is a great ambassador to Young Engineers - Her commitment to her work and colleagues is unwavering and we are very grateful to have her on our team.

Cheryl was recognised for graduating from environmental engineering from Griffith University with a University Medal, four years in an international consulting engineering firm (Arup), eight months on contracts to the Queensland public service (Main Roads and the EPA), and her current collaborative role as Education Coordinator for TNEP and lecturer at Griffith University.

She has worked on the Engineering Sustainable Solutions Program, is the TNEP representative on the International Advisory Board for the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, and is currently working on a PhD to further embed sustainability principles and practices into engineering education. Cheryl’s research has been developed to feed into TNEP education priorities, focusing on the current level of sustainability education within engineering undergraduate degrees, and opportunities to significantly improve the national 'benchmark'. Cheryl celebrated the award in Canberra with her parents Judy and Bhaskar Desha, TNEP team mate Michael Smith and his fiancée and Cheryl’s close friend Sarah Chapman, and the team from Engineers Australia.