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"We do believe that the efficiency revolution is to a large extent profitable for a country. It (will) provide competitive advantage to those countries pioneering it. And for the other countries it would be dangerous to miss the boat."
Factor Four: Doubling Wealth and Halving Resource Usage

How can you get involved with The Natural Edge Project?

The Natural Edge Project welcomes you to join us on our journey, there many ways to become involved.  We are sincerely grateful to all of our supporters who have joined us to date.  Please contact us with your thoughts on other opportunities.

Endorsement: The project welcomes you or your organisation to show support for the project by joining the list of individual supporters or organisational supporters from a range of sectors within business, government and civil society.


James Moody (TNEP Co-Founder), Michael Smith, Cheryl Desha,

Simon Nash (Past TNEP Working Group), United States former Vice President Al Gore, Nick Palousis (past TNEP Secretariat member), Charlie Hargroves, Fiona Wain (EBA) and Tricia Caswell (then RMIT). Pictured at the 2003 National Business Leaders Forum for Sustainable Development hosted by Molly Olsen.


Partnerships: The high quality and rigour delivered in the range of projects The Natural Edge Project undertakes is only made possible with the support of our various partners and mentors. If you are interested in becoming a partner of the project please visit our partners page.


The Secretariat with Doug Hargreaves, QUT.


Donations: TNEP is a non-profit group focused on developing a range of books, training programs and databases to assist society to move towards a sustainable future and donations are gratefully received (through our host Griffith University). Acting as a Research Charity our deliverables are released open source where ever possible.


The Secretariat facilitating an interactive workshop at the Young Engineers 2005 Annual Summit.


Content: The Natural Edge Project is open to collaborative opportunities to develop content in accordance with our project goals.  From research, to reviews, to content development, there are many ways to contribute to content.


Mike, Cheryl and Charlie with Hon Rod Welford MLA
Queensland Minister for Education

Pictured at the 2005 National Business Leaders Forum for Sustainable Development hosted by Molly Olsen.


Ideas Generation: The Natural Edge Project is not just about publications, educational material or design methodologies. We seek to act as a think-tank and a forum to share ideas about sustainable development and our common future.


The Secretariat with Hunter Lovins visiting the Currumbin Ecovillage


Join the Team: TNEP has a range of teams; from our Advisory Board of senior leaders and representatives, to a dedicated team of young professional volunteers and associates.


Cheryl, Charlie and Nick with Ben Roche and the team from the

Sustainable Living Project, UNSW.