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"Young people often ask me what gives me hope. Many things make me hopeful, but the best answer, just now, is this book (The Natural Advantage of Nations). Numerous examples (are) given here of profitable ways to improve the environment, human well-being and the bottom line. While the tipping point of environmental devastation may be frighteningly close, the people with the commitment to implement the solutions we already know can solve the problems that are at hand."
Hunter Lovins

"Hunter Lovins brings a fresh, valuable perspective to the world of business, one that is long overdue. Her passion, insights and enthusiasm will go a long way to ensure that we have a sustainable business environment for generations to come."
Dr Paul McDonald, Victoria MBA Director (NZ)

"The first step is the most difficult when setting out on a challenging journey. Hunter Lovins was a pragmatic inspiration for our State, and with that inspiration Western Australia has taken a leap toward genuine economic sustainability through natural capitalism and the design of a hyper-efficient economy."
Andrew Higham, Policy Officer, WA Department of Premier and Cabinet

"Our thanks go to the highly motivated team at The Natural Edge Project for their ongoing engagement with our company, and in particular for the opportunity to engage Hunter Lovins as guest speaker for the Hatch/SMI Sustainability Luncheon. Hunter's legendary knowledge and insights into the pressing challenges for our industry and the globe generally were nothing other than an inspiration to the listeners.”
Philip Bangerter, Hatch Associates

"Hunter Lovins' participation at the 'A Just and Sustainable SA' conference was one of the highlights. The dinner talk was extremely well received with many of the conference delegates commenting that not only was the dinner inspiring and interesting but that it was the best conference dinner they had ever been to. Hunter's presentation was very well balanced and measured and effectively built on the main themes from the conference that day. Hunter's presentation both set an authoritative background for our current environmental circumstances and gave a vision into the future. This presentation effectively showed what is possible, why we need to change, and how we may achieve a radical shift in our society, economy, and production systems while rapidly reducing our environmental impact."
Simon Divecha, Chief Executive Oficer Conservation Council of South Australia

"Hunter Lovins gave a very informative and inspirational presentation. She shared her extensive knowledge and experience in sustainable development practices to an audience of predominately engineers. Her perspectives and rational behind natural capitalism were enlightening and demonstrated practical ways where everyone; no matter how concerned they are about profits, production and progress, can make a contribution to business success without selling out the environment. I only wish there was at least one Hunter Lovins working in every organisation in the country."
Monique Kraemer, Manager Marketing and Promotions Engineers Australia Queensland Division

 The Next Wave of Innovation Speaker Series 

Hunter Lovins visits Australia and New Zealand in 2004 

The TNEP secretariat wishes to thank all of our partners who helped tremendously with the 2004 Hunter Lovins tour. Thankyou to all of you who worked tirelessly to ensure that each event was successful.

Hunter spoke on how Australia could become a Sustainability Superpower throughout the tour because she genuinely believes it. Event after event confirmed this for her as she met with many of the TNEP project partners and so many other remarkable people. Hunter presented and participated in over 35 sustainability-related events in New Zealand and Australia within the three and a half week period from 27 March to 25 April 2004.

The tour involved a range of events including speaking at the major Enviro 04 conference in the business and energy streams, presenting at the launch of a Sustainability Plan by the Victorian Division of Engineers Australia, and leading the Western Australian Government's Factor 4 by 2020 workshop.

Hunter wants the world to know of initiatives such as the WA State Sustainability Strategy, and the green buildings that she visited on her tour. A transcript of ABC's Earthbeat Program interview with Hunter is available online. She also appeared on Late Night Live interviewed by Phillip Adams, and on ABC's Midday Business Hour TV program.



Hunter and participants in a Futureye Business Forum in Melbourne organised by Katheryn Teh-White.


President of Engineers Australia, Doug Jones, lending the Institutions support as part of the Launch of the AUstralian Sustainability Initiative lead by Hunter at ANU.

Hunter about to be interviewed on ABC's Midday Business Hour TV program.


Hunter speaking with members of the Greenleap Network at the 60L Building, facilitated by Philip Sutton.

Hunter and Anne Harvey (Director SA Office of Sustainabilty) being toured through the Adelaide Botanic Gardens by an indigenous tour guide.

Hunter enjoying the Australian fauna during her visit to Adelaide with Morgan and Pam Williams from New Zealand.


Hunter leading a Master Class with Meredith Osmond from the Wellington based 'Tall Poppies'. The Master Classes on sustainability offer practitioners an opportunity to have deep dialogue with experts in the field.


Hunter discuss the issues for business with the members of the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development luncheon organised by Claire McShane and Kerry Griffiths.

Hunter supporting the CSIRO Ecos Magazine at ENVIRO 04 with Molly Hariss Olsen.

Hunter walking over the proposed site for the Australian National Biocentre lead by Janis Birkeland and Moss Cass.

Hunter presenting to an audience of govenement officials and policy makers at the ACT Office of Sustainability lunchtime presentation 'Building the Business Case for a Sustainable City' held in Canberra.

Hunter meeting with the Queensland Environment Minister, the Honourable Mr John Mickel and his advisors together with representatives from Engineers Australia and the EPA's Dr John Cole.