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"Janine Benyus is without question the world's most imaginative person in the field of environmental development and restoration. To be with her indoors is to be transported; to spend time outdoors with Janine is like walking through the looking glass of extraordinary beauty and landing in a meadow of possibilities about our world."
Paul Hawken, Natural Capital Institute


The Natural Edge Project would like to thank the following groups and individuals for making the development of this publication possible. First a special thank you must go to our families; in particular Stacey Hargroves, Tim and Angela Smith, Scott Paten, Theo and Maria Palousis, Elizabeth Sutton, Dianne James, Judy and Bhaskar Desha, Sarah Chapman, Margaret Talbot, Rupert and Christine Balint-Smith, Nikki Smith, Roger Dennis and Angela Groves.

Thanks must go to our closest supporters: Martin Dwyer, Geoff McAlpine, Steve Williamson, Michael Collins, Peter May, Doug Jones, Elizabeth Heij, Fiona Wain, Rob West, Ron Clark, Philip Sutton and TNEP co-founder James Bradfield Moody. A multi-disciplinary book like this was only possible through the generous time given by the following foreword writers, chapter co-authors, contributors and advisers and peer reviewers.

The secretariat would also like to say a special thank you to Amory Lovins, Alan AtKisson, Hunter Lovins, Michael Fairbanks and William McDonough for taking the time to mentor our project and write forewords for our publication. A thank you must also go to The Institution of Engineers Australia for offering to host our project as a form of inkind support. Thank you also to the Nature and Society Forum for its continued mentoring and support.

Authors: Alan AtKisson, Alan Pears, Bruce Paton, Cheryl Paten, Chika Saka, Chris Ryan, Jeff Kenworthy, Karlson Hargroves, Michael Fairbanks and Andrew Smith, Michael Smith, Paul Weaver, Peter Newman, Philip Sutton, Rob McLean, Roger Burritt, Stefan Schaltegger, Stephen Dovers, Tobias Hahn and Valerie Brown.

Contributors: Anna McKenzie, Charles Berger, Craig Townsend, Colin Butler, David Dumaresq, Deb Lange, Elizabeth Heij, Fiona Waterhouse, Hugh Forde, Hunter Lovins, Janis Birkeland, Jayarethanam Sinniah Pillai, Jenni Goricanec, Jim McColl, John Braithwaite, John Cronin, Mark Diesendorf, Martin Brennan, Mike Young, Nick Palousis, Peter Drahos, Raimund Bleishwitz, Rob Coombs, Rob Hunt, Rob Murray- Leach, Roger Hadgraft, Steve Morriss, Walter Link, Wayne Wescott and Yolande Strengers.

Thank you to TNEP copy editors and proof-readers Roger Dennis, Stacey Hargroves,
Michael Deves and Tim Smith.

Thanks must also be extended to the following representatives from these organizations
who kindly agreed to join TNEP’s Advisory Board, Steering Committee, Editorial Support
Team and the young professionals Working Group. These teams have been working on a
number of TNEP initiatives and provide valuable mentoring and contributions. Thank you

TNEP Advisory Committee members: Alan Tate, Barry Grear, Brian Walker, Brendan Mackey, Dexter Dunphy, Frank Fenner, Fiona Wain, Graeme Barden, Greg Bourne, Hunter Lovins, John Cole, Molly Harris Olsen, Paul Perkins, Ron Clarke, Phillip Toyne, Shaun Mays, Tricia Caswell, Valerie Brown and Gerry Te Kapa Coates.

TNEP Steering Committee members: Caroline Bayliss, Mike Krockenberger, Andrew Higham, Cameron Hoffmann, Geoff McAlpine, Joanne Kildea, Tim Macoun, Stephan Kaufman, Bryan Furness, Joan Cornish and Daniella Tilbury.

TNEP Editorial Support Team: Hunter Lovins, Philip Sutton, Dexter Dunphy, Alan Pears, Michael Krockenberger, Peter Brain, Greg Bourne and Shaun Mays.

TNEP Working Group members: Alex Green, Bolle Borkowsky, Craig Butterworth, Christina Foo, David Hobbs, David Marsden Ballard, Debbie Maher, Jayarethanam Sinniah Pillai, Jenni Goricanec, Kate Clark, Kate West, Kerry Dawborn, Nicky Brennan, Peta Lindsay, Peter Stasinopoulos, Rob Murray-Leach, Rory Eames, Simon Nash, Steve Szyndler, Mia Kelly, Victoria Hart and Viet Duong.

Without Engineers Australia’s support and the support of the following partners, the creation of this publication would not have been possible.

The secretariat of The Natural Edge Project formally wishes to thank its:

Foundation partners

• Engineers Australia, in particular Peter Greenwood, Doug Jones, John Boshier, Barry Greer, Tim Macoun, Bill Rourke, Julie Armstrong, Martine Griffiths and Bolle Borkowsky.

• CSIRO, in particular Geoff McAlpine, Elizabeth Heij, Grant Farrell, Steve Morton, Brian Walker, Graeme Pearman, Geoff Clark and the CEO of CSIRO Geoff Garrett.

• RMIT Global Sustainability Institute, in particular Tricia Caswell, Donna Stephenson, Caroline Bayliss, Sarah Holdsworth and Helen Scott.

• Environment Business Australia, in particular Fiona Wain, Joanne Kildea and Paul Perkins.

• The Barton Group, including Collex, SA Water and Coffey, in particular Bill Leane and Jill Grant.

• Chris Johnson and the team at Izilla for developing our amazing website as a form of in-kind support for our project.

Principle partners

• The Centre for the Encouragement of Philanthropy in Australia – Ron Clarke

• The Australian National University National Institute for the Environment, in particular Colin Butler, Valerie Brown, Sasha Courville, Bob Wasson.

• The Environmental Engineering Society (Australia) and the Engineers Australia Environment College, in particular Gary Codner and Tim Macoun.

Project partners

• ARUP, in particular David Singleton and Cathy Crawley.

• HATCH, in particular Stephen Gale and Philip Bangerter.

• Queensland Environment Protection Agency – Sustainable Industries Division, in particular John Cole.

Project supporters (in alphabetical order)

AtKisson Inc,
Australian Association of Environmental Education (AAEE),
Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF),
Australian Green Development Forum (AGDF),
Australian Virtual Engineering Library (AVEL) – Sustainability Knowledge Network,
Asia-Pacific Forum for Environment and Development (APFED),
Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE),
Commonwealth Engineers Council,
Design Inc,
Eco-Industrial Development Council of North America,
Environs Australia,
Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ),
Green Innovations,
Griffith University,
Forum for the Future (UK),
Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand (IPENZ),
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives Australia and New Zealand (ICLEI),
International Young Professionals Foundation (IYPF),
Monash University Centre for Green Chemistry,
Natural Capitalism Solutions (NCS),
Nature and Society Forum,
New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development,
(The Council of) Professions Australia,
Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI),
The Australian Collaboration,
Triple Bottom Line Australia,
University Leaders for a Sustainable Future (ULSF),
UN International Environment Technology Centre (IETC),
Waalitj Environmental Technology Centre, Murdoch University,
World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) – ComTech,
Young Engineers Australia (YEA)

Numerous individuals formally support TNEP, many of whom have offered invaluable
advice, peer review and assistance. Thank you to the following people:

Alex Fearnside
Alexandra de Blas
Alexis Karolides
Andrew Donovan
Andrew Thiele
Anne Harvey
Barbara Hardy
Barry Jones
Bernard Amadei
Bob and Chris Cameron
Bolle Borkowsky
Brendan Smyth
Bruce Roff
Bruce Thomas
Cameron Burns
Cameron Hoffmann
Cameron Neil
Cameron Tonkinwise
Catherine Greener
Cathy Zoi
Cecilia Hilder
Chris Page
Chris Strauss
Christine Loh
David Kemp
David Kimber
David Singleton
David Suzuki
David Yencken
Dennis O’Neill
Dick Smith
Don Henry
Fiona Waterhouse
Gary Codner
Graeme Pearman
Greg Bourne
Heather Lloyd
Heather Tallent
Ian Lowe
Istemi Demirag
James Porteous
Jane Moran Alspach
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