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"Among the stewards of our country's future, our young leaders are setting the pace to achieve a sustainable future."
Dr Peter Greenwood, President Engineers Australia 2001/03




Past Member (2003-2006) Nick Palousis - Project/Research Officer

Nick Palousis was member of The Natural Edge Project from December 2003 to December 2006 and made a significant contribution to the projects development. Nick is a vibrant and hard working team member and delivered sound results with minimal supervision. Nick's main contribution was as a Project/Research Officer, while also undertaking a large part of the projects operational support and administration load at the time. In January 2007 Nick accepted a position with TNEP associates 'Sustainable Business Practices' a leading Australian sustainable development consultancy.

Nick contributed to a number of TNEP projects including;

- Development of and co-chairing of the Young Professions Australia Roundtable in 2003, as a partnership between TNEP and Professions Australia,

- Research of fifteen brief case studies exhibiting whole system design across the engineering disciplines (transport, energy, water, waste, buildings, electronics) for a report developed by TNEP for Rocky Mountain Institute,

- Research on leading case studies of best practice in local government and sustainability for a database developed by TNEP for Environs Australia,

- Assisted the development of the 'Introduction to Sustainable Development for the Engineering and Built Environment Professions' course under grants from UNESCO and Engineers Australia,

- Provided administrative support, including grant writing and liaison with the grant provider, towards the development of the Whole System Design Suite,

- Co-managed tour logistics, sponsorship and liaison for the
2006 Australian Tour by Janine Benyus and Catherine Bragdon from
the Biomimicry Guild. The Tour engaged 36 Tour Partners from business, government and the university sector throughout Brisbane, Townsville, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.

- Assisted the management of the 2005 Australian Tour by Hunter Lovins. The Tour was supported by 23 Tour Partners from business,
government, professional bodies and university sector throughout Sydney, Brisbane, Byron- Ballina, Townsville, Alice Springs, Melbourne and Canberra.

- Development of the TNEP chapter in the publication 'Solutions for a Sustainable Future - 2005', a publication showcasing the Australian expertise, products and services in sustainable development.

- Assisted the development of course outlines for two courses currently under development by TNEP with University of South Australia Louis Laybourne Smith School of Architecture and Design the as part of the Master of Sustainable Design program,

- Developed of the online companion for Chapter 19 of The Natural Advantage of Nations on Sustainable Urban Transport,

- Developed an introductory module and companion teacher’s guide on sustainability for high schools, using TNEP’s Engineering Sustainable Solutions Program for the Sustainable Living Challenge.

Provided administrative and research support as part of TNEP's engagement with Santos (through consulting associate, Sustainable Business Practices) and specifically assisted with the research and development of indicators of performance related to sustainability in the oil and gas sector including prioritisation and data collection and research to enhance the sustainability content of the Santos website,

- Provided administrative and research support as part of TNEP's engagement with Hatch and specifically research to support the development of training material focused on sustainability critical literacy skills, relevant to the minerals processing industry. Nick also assisted the development of a set of sustainability performance indicators focused on the company’s projects, and

- Provided research support as part of TNEP's engagement with Natural Capitalism Solutions and specifically to analyse and compile key manufacturing case studies relevant to the small- and medium-sized manufacturing industry of Chicago, Illinois (USA).