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"I strongly support the concept, outlined in this project, of a "natural capitalism"-style publication (The Natural Advantage of Nations). In particular, I feel the use of such a book as a resource text in the secondary and tertiary education arenas would be extremely valuable."
Elizabeth Heij, Facilitator, CSIRO Sustainability Network

Steering Committee for 'The Natural Advantage of Nations'

The members of the Projects Steering Committee for 'The Natural Advantage of Nations' include:


Bill Leane

The Barton Group

Bryan Furness
Nature and Society Forum

Cameron Hoffman
Australian Green Development Forum

Daniella Tilbury
Australian Association of Environmental Education

Geoff McAlpine
Australia 21

Harry Blutstein
Integrating Sustainability

Helen Scott

RMIT Global Sustainability

Janet Graaff

University of Colorado Leeds School of Business

Joan Cornish
Australian Commonwealth Department of Environment Australia

John White

Managing Director, GRD

Martha Power
National Institute for Environment, Australian National University

Mike Krockenburger
Australian Conservation Foundation

Robyn Kennedy
Environment Business Australia

Tim Macoun
Engineers Australia