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"Young people often ask me what gives me hope. Many things make me hopeful, but the best answer, just now, is this book (The Natural Advantage of Nations). Numerous examples (are) given here of profitable ways to improve the environment, human well-being and the bottom line. While the tipping point of environmental devastation may be frighteningly close, the people with the commitment to implement the solutions we already know can solve the problems that are at hand."
Hunter Lovins

"Hunter Lovins brings a fresh, valuable perspective to the world of business, one that is long overdue. Her passion, insights and enthusiasm will go a long way to ensure that we have a sustainable business environment for generations to come."
Dr Paul McDonald, Victoria MBA Director (NZ)

"Our thanks go to the highly motivated team at The Natural Edge Project for their ongoing engagement with our company, and in particular for the opportunity to engage Hunter Lovins as guest speaker for the Hatch/SMI Sustainability Luncheon. Hunter's legendary knowledge and insights into the pressing challenges for our industry and the globe generally were nothing other than an inspiration to the listeners.”
Philip Bangerter, Hatch Associates

The Next Wave of Innovation Speaker Series 

Hunter Lovins

Hunter Lovins is the President of Natural Capitalism Solutions and co-author of Natural Capitalism. A renowned author and champion of sustainable development for over 30 years, she has managed international non-profits, taught at major universities, advised citizens' groups, governments and corporations, created several corporations, and is in great demand as an inspirational speaker and effective consultant.

Hunter believes that citizens, communities, and  companies working together within a market context are the most dynamic problemsolving force on the planet. She has devoted herself to building teams that can create and implement practical, affordable solutions to the problems facing us.

A member of the California Bar, Hunter helped establish and was for six years assistant director of the California Conservation Project (Tree People), an innovative urban forestry and environmental education group. She served as policy advisor for Friends of the Earth, under David Bower. Named Henry R. Luce visiting professor at Dartmouth College, Hunter has also taught at other universities. In 1982 she founded the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), a 50-person research center with a $7 million annual budget, half of it earned through programmatic enterprise. Until 2002, when she left to join the Global Academy, she was RMI’s CEO for strategy.

She was named one of four people from North America to serve as a delegate to the UN’s prep conference for Europe and North America for the World Summit on Sustainable Development. She is a commissioner in the State of the World Forum’s Commission on Globalization, co-chaired by Mikhail Gorbachev, Jane Goodall, George Soros and others. In 2003, she created Natural Capitalism and the non-profit Natural Capitalism Solutions, incorporated as a way to implement the ideas of sustainable development on a global scale. She also helped found, and is now a professor of business at Presidio World College, the first school to offer an accredited MBA in sustainable management.


See photos from the 2004 Natural Advantage of Nations Tour, of Australia and New Zealand.


See photos from the 2005 Sustainable Business Practice Tour, of Australia.

After hosting successful tours of Australia and New Zealand by Hunter in 2004 and 2005 TNEP can now step out of the facilitation role and into a supporting role. Hunter and her team have ongoing relationships with a number of groups in our region and is exploring a number of partnerships and collaborations. With this success behind us we are focused on our next round of speakers including Janine Benyus in 2006 and Bill McDonough in 2008.