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"I strongly support the concept, outlined in this project, of a "natural capitalism"-style publication (The Natural Advantage of Nations). In particular, I feel the use of such a book as a resource text in the secondary and tertiary education arenas would be extremely valuable."
Elizabeth Heij, Facilitator, CSIRO Sustainability Network


TNEP Mentors

Mentors of The Natural Edge Project include;

Alan AtKisson – Author, Believing Cassandra: An Optimist Looks at a Pessimist's World (See more about TNEP and Alan AtKisson...)

Alan Talbot – Retired partner, Price Waterhouse

Amory Lovins – CEO Rocky Mountain Institute, co-author Natural Capitalism and Factor 4

Andrew Donovan – Triple Bottom Line Australia, President of Environment Victoria

Barry Grear, AO – World Federation of Engineering Organisations, WFEO ComTech

Barry Jones – Commissioner for Innovation Victoria, former President ALP

Bill Leane – Executive Manager, Barton Group

Bill Rourke, AO FTSE – Special adviser to President of WFEO

Brendan Mackey – Chair of the Earth Charter International Education Advisory Committee

Brendan Smyth – Leader, Liberal Party ACT

Cameron Tonkinwise – Executive Officer, Change Design Foundation

Cathy Zoi – Assistant Director General, Chemicals and Waste, NSW EPA

Dr Chris Strauss – Deputy Director, Centre for Green Chemistry, Monash University

Christine Loh - CEO, Civic Exchange, Hong Kong (for the hotlink

Dr Daniella Tilbury – Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Development, Macquarie University

David Kimber – Chair, Triple Bottom Line Australia

Em. Prof. David Shearman – Founder Society of Doctors for the Environment, Australia

David Singleton – Chief Executive Officer, Arup Australasia, 2003 Brunnel Laureate

Charlie and Cheryl with David Singleton

David Suzuki – Author, Earth Time and Good News for a Change

Em. Prof. David Yencken – University of Melbourne

Prof. Dexter Dunphy – University of Technology Sydney

Dick Smith – Australian Adventurer and Entrepreneur

Don Henry – Executive Director, Australian Conservation Foundation

Doug Jones – President, Institution of Engineers Australia 2004/05 (Engineers Australia)

Cheryl with Doug Jones

Fiona Wain – Chief Executive Officer, Environment Business Australia

Frank Fenner – John Curtin School of Medical Research, Prime Minister’s Prize, Science 2002

Prof. Gary Codner – President, Environmental College, Institution of Engineers Australia

Geoff Garrett – Chief Executive Officer, CSIRO

Mike with Geoff Garrett and his wife Janet

Gerry Te Kapa Coates – President, Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand

Heather Tallent – Outreach Coordinator, University Leaders for a Sustainable Future

Prof. Ian Lowe – Griffith University

Prof. Istemi Demirag – Chair, British Accounting Association's Corporate Governance Group

Dr Janis Birkeland - Author of 'Design for Sustainability' (See more about TNEP and Janis...)

Jim McKnoulty – President, Australian Green Development Forum

Jo Hume – Operations Manager, NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development

Dr Jo Baker, AO – ACT Commissioner for the Environment

John Boshier – Chief Executive, Institution of Engineers Australia

Dr John White – Managing Director, Global Renewables Limited

Prof. Dr John White - Dean, Anglia Law School, Anglia Polytechnic University, Chelmsford, England

Dr John Cole – Director, Sustainable Industries Division, Queensland EPA

Kate MacMasters – Mittagong Forum Facilitator; recent MSusDev graduate

Keith Daniel – Australian Academies of Science

Maggie Hine – Sustainability Partnerships Officer, Office of Sustainability, South Australia

Martin Dwyer – Director, Engineering Practice, Institution of Engineers Australia

Prof. Takahashi – Director, Institute of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University

Mathis Wackernagel, PhD – Sustainability Program Director, Redefining Progress

Mei Ng – Director, Friends of the Earth, Hong Kong

Michael Mobbs – Sustainable Homes, Choice Magazine Publication.

Michael Fairbanks - On the Frontier,  Head of Country Competitiveness™

Michael Krockenberger – Strategic Director, Australian Conservation Foundation

Mick Pearce - leading International Sustainable Design Architect (See more about TNEP and Mick...)

Prof. Mike Young – CSIRO Land and Water

Nick Moraitis - Strategy and Partnership Coordinator, TakingITGlobal

Molly Harris Olsen – EcoFutures, convener of the Business Leaders Forum on Sustainability

Monica Vandenberg – Chairperson, on behalf of Triple Bottom Line Australia

Moss Cass – Past Minister for the Environment (Whitlam Government)

Paul Perkins – Chief Executive of ACTEW Corporation on behalf of the Barton Group

Dr Peter Greenwood – President, Institution of Engineers Australia 2003/04 (Engineers Australia)

Peter Ottesen – Director, Office of Sustainability, Chief Ministers Department, ACT

Phillip Toyne – EcoFutures, convener of the Business Leaders Forum on Sustainability

Ric Brazzale – Executive Director, Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Roger and Jean Venables – Managing Director, Crane Environmental UK, 2001 Brunnel Laureate

Ron Clarke – Mayor, Gold Coast City Council

Ass. Prof. Ronnie Harding – Director, Institute of Environmental Studies, UNSW

Nick, Charlie and Cheryl with Ronnie Harding

Sara Parkin – Director, Education & Learning Program, Forum for the Future, UK

Simon Molesworth – President, Environment Institute Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ)

Prof. Steven Boyden – Co-coordinator of the Nature and Society Forum

Dr Steve Halls – Previous Director, UNEP International Environment Technology Centre (to May 2005)

Steve Williamson – Director, Marketing and Communication, Engineers Australia

Sue Lennox – Oz GREEN, Director, Australian Programs

Suzanne Benn, PhD – School of Management, University of Technology, Sydney

Prof. Tony Ridley – President, Commonwealth Engineers Council

Trevor Daniell – Environmental Engineering Society

Tricia Caswell – Chief Executive Officer, RMIT Global Sustainability Unit

William McDonough – Co-Founder, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC)