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"The TNEP book, The Natural Advantage of Nations, will be a very useful educational tool for government and industry in showing how to make the right steps toward a sustainable economy. The Natural Advantage of Nations will provide a graphic and compelling view of the kind of future we all might have if we truly commit to achieving sustainable development."
Dr John Cole, Environmental Protection Agency Queensland


TNEP Mentors

Mentors of The Natural Edge Project include;

Alan AtKisson – Author, Believing Cassandra: An Optimist Looks at a Pessimist's World (See more about TNEP and Alan AtKisson...)

Alan Talbot – Retired partner, Price Waterhouse

Amory Lovins – CEO Rocky Mountain Institute, co-author Natural Capitalism and Factor 4

Andrew Donovan – Triple Bottom Line Australia, President of Environment Victoria

Barry Grear, AO – World Federation of Engineering Organisations, WFEO ComTech

Barry Jones – Commissioner for Innovation Victoria, former President ALP

Bill Leane – Executive Manager, Barton Group

Bill Rourke, AO FTSE – Special adviser to President of WFEO

Brendan Mackey – Chair of the Earth Charter International Education Advisory Committee

Brendan Smyth – Leader, Liberal Party ACT

Cameron Tonkinwise – Executive Officer, Change Design Foundation

Cathy Zoi – Assistant Director General, Chemicals and Waste, NSW EPA

Dr Chris Strauss – Deputy Director, Centre for Green Chemistry, Monash University

Christine Loh - CEO, Civic Exchange, Hong Kong (for the hotlink

Dr Daniella Tilbury – Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Development, Macquarie University

David Kimber – Chair, Triple Bottom Line Australia

Em. Prof. David Shearman – Founder Society of Doctors for the Environment, Australia

David Singleton – Chief Executive Officer, Arup Australasia, 2003 Brunnel Laureate

Charlie and Cheryl with David Singleton

David Suzuki – Author, Earth Time and Good News for a Change

Em. Prof. David Yencken – University of Melbourne

Prof. Dexter Dunphy – University of Technology Sydney

Dick Smith – Australian Adventurer and Entrepreneur

Don Henry – Executive Director, Australian Conservation Foundation

Doug Jones – President, Institution of Engineers Australia 2004/05 (Engineers Australia)

Cheryl with Doug Jones

Fiona Wain – Chief Executive Officer, Environment Business Australia

Frank Fenner – John Curtin School of Medical Research, Prime Minister’s Prize, Science 2002

Prof. Gary Codner – President, Environmental College, Institution of Engineers Australia

Geoff Garrett – Chief Executive Officer, CSIRO

Mike with Geoff Garrett and his wife Janet

Gerry Te Kapa Coates – President, Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand

Heather Tallent – Outreach Coordinator, University Leaders for a Sustainable Future

Prof. Ian Lowe – Griffith University

Prof. Istemi Demirag – Chair, British Accounting Association's Corporate Governance Group

Dr Janis Birkeland - Author of 'Design for Sustainability' (See more about TNEP and Janis...)

Jim McKnoulty – President, Australian Green Development Forum

Jo Hume – Operations Manager, NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development

Dr Jo Baker, AO – ACT Commissioner for the Environment

John Boshier – Chief Executive, Institution of Engineers Australia

Dr John White – Managing Director, Global Renewables Limited

Prof. Dr John White - Dean, Anglia Law School, Anglia Polytechnic University, Chelmsford, England

Dr John Cole – Director, Sustainable Industries Division, Queensland EPA

Kate MacMasters – Mittagong Forum Facilitator; recent MSusDev graduate

Keith Daniel – Australian Academies of Science

Maggie Hine – Sustainability Partnerships Officer, Office of Sustainability, South Australia

Martin Dwyer – Director, Engineering Practice, Institution of Engineers Australia

Prof. Takahashi – Director, Institute of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University

Mathis Wackernagel, PhD – Sustainability Program Director, Redefining Progress

Mei Ng – Director, Friends of the Earth, Hong Kong

Michael Mobbs – Sustainable Homes, Choice Magazine Publication.

Michael Fairbanks - On the Frontier,  Head of Country Competitiveness™

Michael Krockenberger – Strategic Director, Australian Conservation Foundation

Mick Pearce - leading International Sustainable Design Architect (See more about TNEP and Mick...)

Prof. Mike Young – CSIRO Land and Water

Nick Moraitis - Strategy and Partnership Coordinator, TakingITGlobal

Molly Harris Olsen – EcoFutures, convener of the Business Leaders Forum on Sustainability

Monica Vandenberg – Chairperson, on behalf of Triple Bottom Line Australia

Moss Cass – Past Minister for the Environment (Whitlam Government)

Paul Perkins – Chief Executive of ACTEW Corporation on behalf of the Barton Group

Dr Peter Greenwood – President, Institution of Engineers Australia 2003/04 (Engineers Australia)

Peter Ottesen – Director, Office of Sustainability, Chief Ministers Department, ACT

Phillip Toyne – EcoFutures, convener of the Business Leaders Forum on Sustainability

Ric Brazzale – Executive Director, Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Roger and Jean Venables – Managing Director, Crane Environmental UK, 2001 Brunnel Laureate

Ron Clarke – Mayor, Gold Coast City Council

Ass. Prof. Ronnie Harding – Director, Institute of Environmental Studies, UNSW

Nick, Charlie and Cheryl with Ronnie Harding

Sara Parkin – Director, Education & Learning Program, Forum for the Future, UK

Simon Molesworth – President, Environment Institute Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ)

Prof. Steven Boyden – Co-coordinator of the Nature and Society Forum

Dr Steve Halls – Previous Director, UNEP International Environment Technology Centre (to May 2005)

Steve Williamson – Director, Marketing and Communication, Engineers Australia

Sue Lennox – Oz GREEN, Director, Australian Programs

Suzanne Benn, PhD – School of Management, University of Technology, Sydney

Prof. Tony Ridley – President, Commonwealth Engineers Council

Trevor Daniell – Environmental Engineering Society

Tricia Caswell – Chief Executive Officer, RMIT Global Sustainability Unit

William McDonough – Co-Founder, McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC)